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Our knitted fabric is very reliable, it can be said that come from the factory directly to your hands.Our main sales channgzhou xiangsheng, european-style channgzhou caustic soda bread in Germany(Prestrel)、France's long sticks channgzhou xiangsheng (Baguette), such as Austria roast en channgzhou europeans often eat bread, and on the material selection and domestic bread is very different.

We have the advantage of

       Aronne channgzhou co., LTD., using the most advanced equipment and technology, with reference to western European style of cloth art sofa.From the textile raw material to the flocking, spraying, printing, embossing, compound, production through-train service.In spray flocking, flocking printing, flocking embossed, faux suede, warp knitting part such as double-sided velvet series products with fire prevention, waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil, mouldproof, wash and wear, disposable, and other functions.

Advantages:Textile process

(1) Yolam cloth with the most advanced equipment and technology, from raw materials of textile to flocking, spraying, printing, embossing, production of composite, a dragon.
(2) the company for more than 20 years has more than 100 kinds of finished fabrics and fabric production experience.

Advantage :Customer first

(1) yolam cloth quality as the priority target, the annual output of 70000 tons.
(2) 20 years in the knitting industry, the accumulation of experience and the production process of all kinds of fabric.

advantages:Advanced equipment

(1) the raw materials come from Athlone, large production equipment, raw materials dragon service POY-FDY-DTY.
(2) with all kinds of large advanced equipment and new varieties of R & D capabilities, welcome to sample calls advisory.

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Only beautiful small and pure and fresh style, delicate and sweet dining experience, take you experience fresh air to the diet.Here we offer the latest information of food, want to taste the delicious and cheap channgzhou xiangsheng, can click on the links to view!

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